Comet C2001 HT-50 Linear-Neat arrives at it perihelion on July 8, 2003, 22 minutes before midnight. There it is an ominous sign, for it is the head of Orion, the Son of Man, and Lord of All.

The axis of the Solar System and Seasons of the Earth mark the gateways of Men and Gods, where Linear-Neat resides at its perihelion  as Orion's Head, and where it comes and goes at its aphelion in the bosom of the Father of Many Nations. The center of the chart is the head of the Centaur's Phallus, the Ben-ben of Egypt, and the fallen Tower of Babel. We are given a sign that the judgment of manhood is the Cosmic Intent.

Proof of Judgment Day is written along the path of a comet that comes once in more than 15,000 years, and reaches perihelion at the head of the one called the Son of Man. As it approaches perihelion, it moves as if to give advice to a headless man riding on a donkey as the Lord of All.

The Great Name for this cosmic wanderer called C2001 HT-50 Linear-Neat is the Abraham Comet. For, it comes from the groin of the Father of Many Nations where Quaoar, the comet named after the Cosmic Creator of the San Gabriel Indians, initiates the path of Abraham's Comet as it passes through Zuben El Genubi and crosses the River Styx at the birth place of a man-child who rules with an iron hand is circumcised from the claws of the Great Red Dragon as the comet dips beneath the path on the firmament of the earth. I travels through the fleeing serpent's body picking up the Crow, the Crater, and the Sextant on its way to become the head of the Son of Man. Then after "stretching the neck" of the Son of Man it travels to the Eye of the Bull of My Mother, Aldebaran the Follower, and then ascends back above the path of the Earth at the 1st of Aries to announce to the whole of creation, I AM THAT I AM. Then, crossing Jacob's Ladder, it arrives at the child in the swaddling cloths on the wings of the eagle at the right hand of the Father of Many Nations, where the Flight of Isis comes to the End of Time. This circuit around the Centaur's Phallus is also the circuit around the Elysian Fields. It begins in the Fatherland, descends into the Furrow of Maat, and then returns the Son of Man to the Father of Many Nations as the returning Prodigal Son. There, at the end of the Journey stands Pluto, who is the namesake of the ultimate Prodigal Son, and Lord of Darkness, Hades.

Reflect upon the location of the Moon at the crossing point from below to above, and upon the shadow of the Earth at the head of the the Wise Man, whose bow holds a comet called Ishmael. With Mars entering a retrograde loop at Aquarius, it is clear that this is an apparition of the rational birth of a child in swaddling cloths lying in a manger that is a Galactic Field on a Great Potter's Wheel. All man-children come into the world blind, for darkness is upon the deep waters of their emotional experiences. Yet, as a lifetime of emotions accumulates, it becomes ever more clear that the paths of the stars were made with an Original Intent. Yet, the prodigal Son of Man had to learn the fundamental lesson that a mother knows without learning. The birth of every man-child is totally dependent upon the Original Intent of Father Sky, as revealed to, and by, Mother Nature in the dark abyss of the unconscious mind, where the amygdala serpent calls for a fear reaction that abducts Persophone into the Land of the Fatherless Son.

Examine closely the place of the sacrifice of Abraham's son. Proof that his is the journey of Phaeton is written beneath the Chariot of Elijah, where the Ancient of Days tends to the loose strap on the man with one sandal. All of the activity at the Gateway of Men is too intense to put into words. But, this place where a Dove carries a branch from the Tree of Life also shows that a comet called the World Tree Comet sat on the Feather of Maat.

A Picture Of Heaven 

Constellations are merely chance alignments of stars that seem to draw an outline of something - a human, animal or an object. "The Big Dipper" (also known as "The Plow," or "The Wagon") is a familiar example (it is actually part of the constellation Ursa Major - the Big Bear). Some others (there are 88 "official" constellations) are Orion the Hunter, Leo the Lion, and Canis Major. There are thousands more that anyone can decide for oneself on any starry night.

According to common rational belief repeated above, we are to believe that the Creator of the Universe let the stars flow through the Cosmic Abyss as a matter of chance from some Moment of the First Occasion, such as a Big Bang, or an abandoned Word of Genesis. This idea is the commonly held idea that comes as a result of Abraham's Journey away from his Father's Land. This belief in chance is nothing more than the brain's fear reaction to corrective Fatherly Intent, when a Prodigal Son chooses not to know, nor to desire, his Father's Intent. But, can any true perception of the Universe ever accept that chance rules the path of the stars. If that were true, then the chances are that the stars will come and go at the whim of the dark matter and the Zero Point Field of Light from which generates all matter, whether dark or light. If chance ruled a single star, then there could never arise any form of intent, and the ideas of mundane science and rational existence of high intellect would be pure folly. Since the path of Abraham's Comet duplicates all the stories of the all the Fathers of Many Nations, it should be clear that stars do not move by chance any more than sons choose their blood fathers.

Stars move in accordance with The Cosmic Will. Whether we choose to pay homage to The Cosmic Will is evidence that Free Will has potential, but it is not evidence of the lack of The Cosmic Will, any more than a failing grade proves that a teacher does not adequately prepare a student. The only way to prove the lack of The Cosmic Will is to understand the path of every single star in the heavens as a random sequence of events through the edict of a Fatherless Mind as a act of prodigal will. This is totally untenable reality based upon the simple events of the movement of one comet through a period lasting fifteen millenniums from 4500 BC until 10,000 BC. If that comet tells the story of the Prodigal Son, then it is self evident that the story of the Prodigal Son came from the Father Land, which is the whole of the heavens, and whose Sacred Name is Father Sky. The comet tells all Prodigal Sons, regardless of physical gender, that they should return to the Imperishable Stars, before they lose the Free Will that allows them to choose life or death. To believe in Chance is to attempt to Live Until Death within a Survival of the Fittest Lie. So, even though Abraham was the Biblical Man of a Lie, it is demonstrably proven that Abraham was a Son of God at the Moment of the First Occasion, when Time and Space were just a figment in the Visual Cortex  of Mind of God, and the Cosmic Amygdala was the Mother of All Living and the vessel of a Teacher of Cosmic Righteousness. God sacrificed his own Son, so that each individual could learn to be a Creator's Child through the emotional experience of Free Will.

DOME OF THE ROCK is an excerpt from The Galaxy on Earth: A Travelers Guide to the Planets Visionary Geography by Richard Leviton. The excerpt was chosen to demonstrate that the Holy Jerusalem is the same place the Pharaoh Akhenaten designed his city Akhetaten to convey. The site of Akhenaten was chosen to predict the Moment of the First Occasion as the time when the axis of the galaxy aligned to the axis of the City of the Horizon of the Aten. This tradition was ancient in 1380 BC when Pharaoh Akhenaten assumed the throne of Egypt after the death of  Amenophis III, Egypt's King Solomon. Also ancient at that time was the idea that Ophiuchus, the modern Serpent Holder, was the Father of Many Nations. Now, with the arrival of C2001 HT-50 Linear-Neat, we have been given a cosmic reminder of Abraham's Journey. What is self evident, beyond  the existence of Original Intent implied by the legend of Abraham's Journey and the Comet's retelling of the journey, is the truth that all sons will become Prodigal Sons before they can ascend into Seventh Heaven. The purpose of being a Prodigal Son is to give each Child of God the potential for Self Creation that was once the Province of the Creator Alone, regardless of Sacred Name. When each individual can cross the River of Death and get their head on straight, it will become apparent to them that a Throne of the Father of Many Nations awaits each Prodigal Son who can come to See the Apparition of the Child in Swaddling Cloths after the Judgment of the Lamb of the I Am, which is the usurpation cogito ergo sum.



To properly understand the reactions of Prodigal Sons, it is important to understand the processes of fear that cause the denial of Father Sky and the Wailing at the Wall of the Ego's Dream. These processes are well described in this excerpt from the essay by Steven Johnson from the March 2003 issue of Discover Magazine.


Now that this witness of the Father's Land has run its circuit around the Elysian Fields and the Bottomless Pit, it is time to return to that place where THE YEAR OF THE GOAT BEGINS with a fuller understanding of

The Pharisees also with the Sadducees came, and tempting desired him that he would shew them a sign from heaven. He answered and said unto them, When it is evening, ye say, It will be fair weather: for the sky is red. And in the morning, It will be foul weather to day: for the sky is red and lowring. O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times? A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given unto it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas. And he left them, and departed. Matt 16:1-4 (KJV)


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