The star Phact represents the Eye of Horus that is the guide for the ancient Shemsu Hor.

Gateway of Men at Rostau.


Judgment Hall of the Double Maati.


Hieroglyph Writing on the Doors off the Queen's Chamber.


Giza Layout Circa 2600-2500 BC

Ocean Capable Funerary Boat Circa 2600-2500 BC

Alnitak at the summer solstice.


Alnitak coordinates for 2378 AD.


Alnilam on east horizon in 2378 AD.


Alnilam coordinates for 2378 AD.


Mintaka on east horizon in 2378 AD.


Mintaka coordinates for 2378 AD.


Spica on east horizon in 2378 AD.


Spica coordinates for 2378 AD and Sphinx Relationship to Mother Pyramid.


Rasalhague on eastern horizon in 2378 AD.


Rasalhague coordinates for 2378 AD.




A Large Dark Planetoid Orbiting...

Somewhere in the Dim Outer Reaches of Our Solar System

Is Quaoar a Planet?

We don't think so. It's about half the size of Pluto and further away, but there are other big objects out there, too. Varuna (900 km in diameter) and 2002 AW197 (also 900 km in diameter) are two of the biggest Kuiper Belt Objects (KBO), and they are not considered "planets" either. There are about 600 known Kuiper Belt Objects, most of which are only about 100 km in diameter, and all of which were discovered since 1992 by different scientists who have been looking for them. It's similar to the asteroid belt, but beyond Neptune and contains maybe 100 times more material. You can read more about the Kuiper Belt at the Kuiper Belt Homepage. Note that the Kuiper Belt is also called the Edgeworth-Kuiper Belt and the trans-Neptunian Belt. We think we should be able to find 5 - 10 more of these really big Kuiper Belt Objects over the next couple of years, including perhaps a couple "super-Plutos".

How was Quaoar found?

First of all, we are looking for objects like Quaoar because we think there may be a lot of objects like it that are undiscovered, and maybe even objects bigger than Pluto. We spent about 7 months looking for it with a semi-automated telescope, the Oschin Telescope at Palomar, California. It has a mirror diameter of 48 inches (1.2 meters), which is large compared to amateur telescopes (typically ranging from 0.1 - 0.3 meters in diameter), but small compared to most professional telescopes (1 - 10 meters in diameter). Although the mirror isn't very big, the Oschin Telescope has a huge field of view for its size, about 3 square degrees. That's about the same amount of sky area as 12 moons in each picture.

How far away is Quaoar?

Quaoar is at about 42 AU away from us, more distant than Pluto and Neptune, which are both at about 30 AU. 1 AU is an "Astronomical Unit" and is equal to the distance between the Earth and the Sun, about 150 million kilometers. So Quaoar is about 6 billion kilometers from us. At walking speed, it would take you about 100,000 years to get there. Going at the speed the Space Shuttle orbits the earth, it would take 25 years to get there. It takes light 5 hours to get there from the sun.

Quaoar is in a nearly circular orbit. It's eccentricity (a measure of the ellipticity of a circle) is less than 0.04, meaning that it's distance from the sun only changes by about 8% over the course of a Quaoar year (which is 285 Earth years). This is very different from Pluto, which has an eccentricity about 6 times larger. You can see its orbit below. Because this object is so bright, within a month of discovery we were able to trace Quaoar's position back two decades in survey data. Quaoar's orbit is also inclined to the ecliptic (the plane of the solar system), by about 8 degrees.

Animated Solar System

Where did the name come from?

The Tongva people (sometimes called the San Gabrielino Native Americans) inhabited the Los Angeles area before the arrival of the Spanish and other European people. The name "Quaoar" (pronounced kwah-o-wahr) comes from their creation mythology. In the words of Mark Acuna, Tongva scholar, dancer and tribal elder:

"'Quaoar' the great force of creation sings and dances the high ones (Dieties) into existence. While Quaoar has no form or gender he is usually referred to with the male pronoun. He dances and sings first 'Weywot' who becomes Sky Father; they sing and dance 'Chehooit' Earth Mother into existence. The trio sing 'Tamit' Grandfather Sun to life. As each divine one joins the singing and dancing, the song becomes more complex and the dance more complicated. In turn 'Moar', Grandmother Moon (a very complex diety), 'Pamit' the Goddess of the sea, 'Manit', the Lord of dreams and visions, 'Manisar' the bringer of food and harvests, 'Tukupar Itar' Sky Coyote (who is also our major hero), 'Tolmalok', the Goddess of Shishongna (the underworld) join in the singing, dancing and creating. And finally the great seven giants who hold up the worlds are created. The High Ones in turn are aided by 'Eagle, Duck, Bear, and Frog' in a grand earth diving story. Frog brings up soil out of the deep dark sea, and the four animals dance it flat and wide. The 'Gods and Goddesses' then furnish the world 'Tovangar' with hills, mountains, trees, rivers, etc. 'Tobohar' (first man) and 'Pahavit' (first woman) are also part of this great 'Creation song and dance cycle'."

You can find out more about the Tongva at the Tongva website.

Also, note that the name Quaoar is not the official name until the International Astronomical Union (IAU) votes on it. This will happen in a few months, but historically, the discoverer's suggestions for new minor planet names have been followed. Until then, the object's provisional designation is 2002 LM60.


In the autumn of 2001, the great men of the Yankees were dethroned from the Top of the World by the serpents from the desert called the Arizona Diamond Backs two months after the most destructive man initiated event that has ever occurred on the American Hemisphere. Then in the autumn of 2002, Giants came to Southern California in search of the Top of the World. On the seven occasions when the Anaheim Angels encountered the Giants, the Angels found that they were placed upon the Top of the World as Overlords of Seven Days with Giants in the World Series. This team of rookies had never risen so high, thus, they were the fulfillment of the dream of Quaoar during the season when a new solar system object made headlines. Can we sense any Cosmic Truth in the elevation of virgin Angels to the top of the Baseball World after the demise of the Great Men, conquering Serpents, and Giants and the devastation of September 11, 2001 in the home of the Great Men called Yankees? Can we sense any Cosmic Truth in the choice of a name for the newly incarnated solar system object that speaks of a world placed upon the pillars of Seven Giants? I would propose that the Cosmic Truth common to all of these scenarios is the death of the Eighth King and the restoration of Angelic Order within Creation. The events leading from the autumn equinox of 2001 to the winter solstice of 2002 all point to the return of Osiris as prophesied by the design of Khufu's Pyramid in Giza and the verses in Reveation 17.

Rev 17:11 And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition. (KJV)

If we count the objects in the heavens that can be considered giant by virtue of the visual size compared to the other lights in the heavens, we have Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. The Sun, Moon, and Earth are removed from this count for the moment, because they represents a far more significant cosmic aspect than the Seven Giants, of which there are eight. These seven solar system objects are giants compared to asteroids and comets, this is the association with the Seven Giants in the creation of Quaoar, as told by the People of the Earth. But, we will need to send the Eighth Giant into the Sea with Atlantis, where Poseidon (Neptune) rules the abysmal depths far beyond the Sun to find the alignment with Reveation 17.

"Tongva" means people of the earth, in our language.

The Tongva occupied the entire Los Angeles basin and the islands of Santa Catalina, San Nicholas, San Clemente, and Santa Barbara. From Topanga Canyon to Laguna Beach, from the San Gabriel mountains to the sea, they lived throughout most of what is now Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

In 2002, the counties named after angels and oranges saw the myth of the People of the Earth and Tovangar become a reality in a land where a count of four and three determines whether a man can orbit the field of baseball, or return to the dugout. Baseball and the creation of Quaoar speak of the same cosmic metaphor to be found in the Great Pyramid of Khufu. Presented in images above. So, let us look at the ninth giant of the solar system and see if it tells us who we are.

At the moment of its discovery, we see that the zenith axis at the place where the light reflected from a KBO called Quaoar duplicated the creative action of the deity called Quaoar, for the zenith was in the body of the man with the Up Raised Arm who was in the Happy Hunting Grounds of Bootes and the Virgin. On the eastern horizon the Caiman, Quetzalcoatl, carried the reborn king in its mouth with the eagle and the tail of the serpent. At the mid-body of the serpent stood Pluto, as if the Father holding the serpent had just untangled the god's dark labyrinth. On the left knee of the one called Hurricane by the Maya, and Quaoar by the Tongva, we find a planet with a larger orbit than Pluto. The diameter of the Quaoar orbit is almost precisely equal to the diameter of Pluto's orbit less the radius of the orbit of Neptune. Additionally, Pluto was at the Neptune orbit crossing when Quaoar became known to man, with Quaoar in a more lordly position above the edge of Neptune's Sea. There, at the solar meridian of the heart of the Great Red Dragon, an object known to the Creator was reincarnated into the eyes and annals of the People of the Earth. The People of the Earth were well represented by Mark Acuna, Tongva scholar, dancer and tribal elder, for the legend of Quaoar became cosmic fact in the year of the People of the Earth when Angels ascended the worldly heights supported by their seven accomplishments in a  struggle with Giants. If nothing else is true, or understood even, this one fact must stand for eternity; Quaoar came to America on the schedule of the Sacred Ancestors, and brought victory to Angels for the First Time, in memoriam of the First Time of the Tongva Tribe.

And, Quaoar came on the knee of the Father who held the lord of the Underworld in his hands as he raised up the serpent in the wilderness. That knee is located at Antares, which means not Mars, at the solar meridian of the Great Red Dragon above the Cave of the Dead, and the horizon meridian of the solar shadow of the Earth. There, the Grand Man of Zohar, walks upon the distant Cosmic Sea and the Promised Land of the Earth.


The existence of a ninth giant in the solar system would have everlasting effect on the Planet in the bosom of Abraham. Either the eighth giant from the sun would give up its claim as the mark of the eternal journey, or it would cease to be a member of the list of planets by Grandfather Sun. The orbits of Neptune and Quaoar prevent Pluto, who is the god of Hades, from continuing as the master of eternal time with its message of eccentricity to Grandfather Sun. The perfection of the god of the sea, Neptune, and the perfection of the god of the People of the Earth, Quaoar, would reform the identity of the Eighth King from the Sun. Out beyond Neptune there is a place called the Kuiper Belt and the trans-Neptunian Belt that contains 100 times more material than that within the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. This KBO belt holds so many objects, that Pluto is expected to become lost in the maze, and may even prove to be less than the largest object in Neptune's Sea. In this symbolic way, the god of the People of the Earth called Quaoar has proven to be the Master of Concentricity, as the planets around Grandfather Sun return to the Land of the Seven Giants in more perfect form, and the eccentric eighth king falls into the bottom of the sea where Neptune rules the abyss. 

On the other side of the heavens from the new object in Neptune's Sea we find an alignment to perfection that cannot be fathomed in the modern astronomer's mind, and yet it tells the same story as the Egyptians and the Tongva, the peoples of the Black Land and the Earth.

Beneath the man with the Up Raised Arm when the new KBO was first sighted, the nadir sat upon the tomb of celestial fire. Approaching the eastern horizon, Neptune was at the heart of the I Use of Capricorn, while Uranus (Oranous), the First Father of the Romans and the Greeks, became a sandal for the Water Carrier who pours a libation upon the man by the side of the road with his feet to the fire while the Moon occupied the tabernacle of the sun at the vernal equinox. On the western shores of the heavens under the horizon of Palomar a magnificent celebration was taking place in a location called Rostau above Sahu (Orion) where the other five giants danced with the Sun between the horns of the Bull.

The Antipod of Quaoar sat precisely at the Eye of the Bull, Aldebaran. Between the Hyades at Aldebaran and the Pleiades stood the giant of wisdom, Mercury, ready to tell a tale of cosmic genesis. It was time for the Bull of My Mother to speak through the People of the Earth from the KBO at Quaoar. The line from the KBO to the Earth would be as represented above, with the Earth sitting just to the right and behind the Sun above the Eye of the Bull of My Mother, implying that the People of the Earth will be enlightened by the Creator and Earth Mother. Ahead of the Sun was the Giant of Time, Saturn, who was once known as the Ancient of Days. The next Giant along the route of the Sun sat at the loose sandal strap on the foot of the man in Gemini. This Giant is Mars, implying the rationality of the Twins. At the hip of the female Gemini two Giants sat one upon the other. Jupiter, the ruler of the Solar System, and a giant by any measure, was aligned with the goddess that is the light bringer of the flame called love, Venus. Thus, between Mercury and Venus, wisdom and love, the People of the Earth were retold the Magical Wisdom of God that sat above Sahu in Rostau. They came to prepare the way through the door of the sA into the Magical Kingdom of Quaoar; a dance of cosmic proportions and Angelic Destiny about the Moment of the First Occasion for the People of the Earth.

Whether we accept the science before the myth, or whether we accept the meaning declared in the land of Sky Father, does not change the facts of either. Acceptance and rejection are choices we each must make. However, to deny that which is before the face is the journey of an eccentric son. The new found incarnation from Palomar Observatory was revealed by astronomers who recognized the worth of the story of Tovangar regarding the Cosmic World.

By careful study of the light from these celestial objects, astronomers hope to extend our understanding of the universe. How did the Sun and planets form? How do stars form, evolve, and die? How old is the Milky Way? How old is the universe? How did it form, and what is its fate? The telescopes at Palomar Observatory are the tools astronomers need to answer these and other similar questions about the universe.

Many centuries before the technology of Palomar Observatory came to the mountain by the sea, the Tongva People of the Earth asked the same questions. Within the intuitive spirit they possessed they conjured a story of how it must have been when the universe began. Through a wandering star called Quaoar, we now know about the fall of the eighth giant that journeys around the sun. What we learn from the telescopes is that the message received within the Sahu Soul of the People of the Earth was equal to the demands of science and spirit. Nothing found in the magnified images of the modern technology has changed the message received when the People of the Earth once conjured how it must have been. One thing the telescopes cannot provide, is the opening of the sA and the magical Mystery of God. Forever the telescopes will be silent, because they cannot answer the questions that begin with Why? The best that they can do is tell what is visible and how it is likely to be visible, and conjure how it came to be. The alignment of Jupiter and Venus tells us all we were intended to understand. If we are to be a Master in the Solar System like Jupiter, we must align ourselves with the Great Spirit of Love, or follow Pluto into the Cave of the Dead, as we conjure the rational world of Mars from the place of the heart of the Great Red Dragon that Is Not Mars, but is Antares, above the Way of the Dead. Desire begets all creation regardless of the technology used to implement the desire. Denial of the motivations of the heart is how the Eighth King controls his subjects who are without the Great Spirit of Love, and the Seven Mountains upon which the Woman rests.

That is how it was when the People of the Earth sat the Universe upon the Seven Giants provided by one called Quaoar. That is how it was in the year when Angels won the title of the world on seven days with Giants who came from the north into the land of Gabriel from Topanga Canyon to Laguna Beach, from the San Gabriel mountains to the sea. Is it magic? Is it common sense? Or, is it the way it was meant to be? Decide for yourself, for two days after the Giants gave up the flags, my Sahu was in the Happiest Place on Earth because of one moment of victory when Angels said, "Yes, we can!" And they did.

That set the stage for the entrance of the World Series MVP, Troy Glaus, and the "most valuable person here," according to Rex Hudler, none other than manager Mike Scioscia.

Scioscia, deflecting credit to his players as usual, said, "I can't say what a privilege it's been to watch the toughest, most passionate group of guys I've ever seen play baseball all season."

Speaking to the crowd of fans Scioscia added, "These guys who left their blood, sweat and tears on the field behind you are the best group of baseball players I've ever been around. And you guys supported them. You turned this stadium into an electric atmosphere."

Before the celebration was over, strains of "We Are the Champions" would fill the air, fireworks were shot into the sky, and Steve Physioc would deliver the immortal words of Walt Disney himself: "If you can dream it, you can do it."

"They dreamed it," Physioc said. "And they did it."  (AngelsBaseball.com)

So, Pluto, where are the gates of Hades now? The People of the Earth, and the fans for Anaheim know that they were closed by one called Quaoar before time began in the primordial land of Someday Isle. Quaoar dreamed it. And Quaoar did it.

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