1.0 SU International Statement of Objective
                     a) Why is there a SiLoam.Net
                     b) Timeline of Ancient Cultures
                     c) Time Graph of Precession
                     d) Precessional Beginnings
                     e) Changing Seasons
                     f) 1998, The Year the Sun Began to Rise
                     e) Author's Charts

2.0 Introduction to Celestial Based Monuments and Scriptures
               The following essays proide evidence that the stars told great stories to our ancestors,
               and their perceptions came down to us through mythology and monumental architecture.
               By the application of cosmic perspective it is revealed that ancient science and theology
               were composed of the dogmas of modern science and religion before these pillars split.

2.1 Pyraminds in Giza, Egypt, Gnosis of the Divine Self
                      a) What is SiLoam.Net?
                      b) Proof of the antiquity of astroarchaeology.

2.2 Modern Culture Acknowledges Pristine Cosmic Order
                      a) Ceremony of the Buffalo and the Eagle, YMCA Programs 
                      b) Customs of the North American Indian have sources similar to European customs.

2.3 Easter Island, Cosmic Father Image
                      a) An introduction to the reviving story of the peoples of Easter Island, Chile.
                      b) Celestial Art on Easter Island

2.4 Maya Mythology, Restoring Experience
                      a) Egomaniacs All, or Gentle Priest-Kings?
                      b) Cosmic Art of the Mayans
                      b) 1998, The Year the Sun Began to Rise

2.5 Teotihuacán Mexico, Restoring Cosmic Order
                      a) Teotihuacán, gateway city of gods planned at the time of Christ with Christos mythology.
                      b) An introduction to the celestial architectural meaning of the sacred city of Teotihuacán.

2.6 Society Islands, Pacific Sea Peoples
                      a) The Vatican of Polynesian Religion
                      b) An introduction to the marvelous science of the Polynesians.

2.7 Hawaii, Return to Paradise
                      a) Legend of the Land Below the Land and the Disenchanted Wife
                      b) The Founding of Paradise in Hawai'i.
                      c) A presentation which demonsting the birth of a celestial navigation myth.

2.8 Pre-Christian, Divine Personal Purpose
                        a) Chariot of the Gods, preliminary discussion of the Journey of Elijah's Chariot.
                        b) Elijah's Chariot Carries the Son of Man
                        c) Journey of Elijah's Chariot, a demonstration of the precession in God's Chariot.

2.9 Christian Culture, Cleansing of Arrogance
                       a) Flight of the Eagle, a demonstration of the precessional resurrection.
                       b) Instructions for Interactive Animation.
                       c) Cosmic Big Picture
                       d) Cosmic Angles

3.0 Psychology Behind Celestial Based Monuments and Scriptures
               By applying modern psychology to ancient myths and monuments, as they pertain to the
               human soul and the cosmos, it is possible to establish the source of archetypes of the
               modern soul. Archetypes which are imagined by modern psychologists, were visual
               experiences of the stars to ancient priests, all around the world.

3.1 Jung-Archetype, Pursuit of Self Image, 1998 AD
                        a) The Astro-Archaeology of Consciousness
                        b) Our unconscious mind provides insight into the purpose of ancient monuments.

3.2 XIX Dynasty, Hunefer Papyrus, 1300 BC
                        a) "The Scientific Method as Presented in the Hunefer Papyrus of the XIX Dynasty of ancient Egypt."
                        b) A detailed discussion of the psychological developments of one ancient culture.

4.0 Application of Ancient Mythological Science to Modern Events
               To verify the ancient technologies, they are applied to global events of the modern
               human experience. The myths are used as paradigm models to identify the essence
               of celestial correspondences. The overwhelming synchronicity of correspondences
               establishes the scientific basis of the ancient paradigm method. Although modern
               exact science and esoteric theology no longer accept the ancient conclusions, the
               successful application of the scientific method  to test and verify the correspondences,
               justifies the conclusion that modern science and theology are not separated by reality,
               but by the fantasies of their differences. The ancients believed that the spirits of the
               ancestors would return to life, if the living visited the Pool of Siloam, where they wait,
               to be read once each cosmic cycle. The definition of the cosmic cycles, as the measure of
               time, is the ultimate fantasy of the world, in any age, whether ancient, modern, or future.

4.1 Son of Man Rises Over JPL on Pathfinder
                        a) Application of ancient celestial mythological technology to the Pathfinder mission to Mars.
                        b) Introduction
                        c) Pre-Dawn Events on Mars
                        d) Dawning Events on Mars
                        e) Elimination of the Precession of the Equinoxes
                        d) Connections to the Mithraic Mysteries
                        e) Alignments of Sun, Moon and Comet Hale-Bopp

4.2 Coming Forth by Day at Ares Vallis
                        a) Celestial mythology can be applied to other locations in the solar system.
                        b) Ancient celestial mythological technology as viewed from Mars on the Pathfinder mission.

4.3 Israel Rises Above the Clouds, Overcoming Affectation
                         a) The Birth of Monotheism is demonstrated using the venue of Ares Vallis.
                         b) Semitic People Sojourn to Egypt
                         c) Defeating the Bull of My Mother
                         d) Leaving the Land of Bondage
                         e) Tasting the Forbidden Fruit
                          f) Seal of the Two Lands

4.4 Islam Purifies the House of God, Revival of Divine Presence
                          a) The Queen of the South Comes in Judgment.
                          b) Ishmael found alive at the bottom of the burning bush.
                          c) The "Bridge at Sirrah" is crossed as Ishmael rises on the shores of Easter Island.

5.0 Astrological Genesis Within Celestial Based Scriptures
               The essential split between science and theology came when the messages of the
               planets began to overpower the messages of the cosmos during the age of Sol Invictus.
               The solar messages were then, and are now, approxomations derived from their
               placements at the wandering solar celestial lights within the so called fixed background
               of cosmic stars. These cosmic background stars have followed the seasons of the
               precession, for as long as life has inhabited the planet. Thus, the sacred science of
               cosmic truth has changed little in a billion years. It is the high priests of modern esoteric
               dogma that have changed. Their hearts are voices crying  from stiffnecks into the
               wilderness. Until the hearts of the fathers return to these children, and the hearts of
               these children return to their fathers, the Tower of Babel shall lay broken on the earth.

5.1 Jacob's Ladder is Raised Again
                          a) Metaphors are defined within the course of the Israelites throughout the Old Testament.
                          b) This essay illustrates the astroarchaeological importance of Biblical legends.

5.2 Ancient Aspects of the Zodiac
                           a) Thirteen celebrated the last Passover meal , as tropical astrology took form.
                           b) Common meanings of many astrological symbols.

6.0 Celestial Based Tradition in Modern Cultures
               Human civilizations tend to take life's experiences too seriously. The cosmos was
               here before we came, and it will go on after we can no longer count the stars.  But
               when the sun gobbles up the earth and all the planets are blow into another star
               system, it can be assured that so long as  progeny are born anywhere in any galaxy,
               the spirit of Santa Claus will carry on. Humans did not invent the concept of loving
               their offspring. That paradigm was in existence before the first life form settled down
               upon the earth. Without love for descendents, life ceases to have purpose. Love is the
               only purpose that has proven to be timeless. Self love is just the immaturity of
               believing in the present life, when we can no longer see that life that has gone before
               and will come again. Though the Tower of Babel be crushed into many tiny ivory
               towers of elite dogmatic priests, the children of the world know that a gentle priest king
               lives near the North Pole. He regularly travels down a skeleton of the Tower of Babel,
               spreading a message of love and good cheer. 

6.1 Scandinavia, Warming the Soul
                           a) Chimney97, Yes Virginia, Santa Claus is Coming Tonight,
                               (How Diana, Princess of Wales, Arose to the Heavens)
                           b) A booklet for purchase from SU International showing how to use the celestial
                               science of our ancestors to reveal the living story of Santa Claus.



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