1998, The Year the Sun Began to Rise


The second coming of Christ was predicted by the Book of Revelations to occur two millennia after Christ died. Within the Maya traditions is the prediction of a cosmogenesis at the end of the Fifth Sun in 2012. Not withstanding the World's acceptance of the Christian calendar, many references to the incredible accuracy of the calendars of the Ancient Maya are available. The present essay deals with a relatively little known fact about the perception of time as calculated using any numerical system within ancient or modern cultures. It will show that the Maya prediction was fulfilled in 1998, and was spiritually equivalent to the prediction in the Book of Revelations. The present revelations come as the world prepares to celebrate the beginning of the millennium. It suggests that we have more to celebrate than just the number of the years, and that the number of the years is more than any wisdom known to mankind. For this great wisdom assures the resurrection of our ancestors at the end times.

During the middle to late 2nd Century before Christ, the scientific knowledge of the precession of the equinoxes was reduced to a numerical value. Hipparchus (190-120 BC) estimated a value of one degree every 75 years for the westward movement of the four seasonal markers at the equinoxes and the solstices in a cycle of 27,000 years. This celestial knowledge can be employed to show that the principle thesis in the Book of Revelations (100 AD) is precisely the same wisdom. We know from nearly all ancient monumental records that the primary time keeper of the ages was the northern vernal equinox. We also have the statement in the Book of Daniel that he personally came to "know the number of the years" during the reign of Darius I (522 BC). Daniel's book declares that Jeremiah (626 BC) had known this information, and that it was available in other books. Leviticus 25:16 provides the expression, "for according to the number of the years of the fruits doth he sell unto thee." This expression suggests that the relationship of the number of the years was important at the time of Moses 1200 BC. Using Bible versus to establish scientific dates is a very precarious process, but what is being presented is the importance of using the "number of the years" as a guide to prognostication. On that foundation, we find, nearly all religious rituals stand. Thus, it is science that is the child when it comes to cosmic time measurements, not religion.

Knowledge of the "number of the years" is critical for the prediction of changes in any cyclical cosmic behavior. If we know the count of the complete cycle to be some multiple of a subordinate cyclical period, we can predict when the longer cycle will reach a certain position. Just like watching the hands of a clock. This is high cosmic wisdom in cultures that need to modify their behavior based upon changes within a cycle. For example, knowing that there are 365.25 days per year allows us to count the days to predict how many days before the snow falls, or the trees blossom. Egyptians used this exact measure over three millennia as the sidereal year measured by the star Sirius. Sirius has the unique sidereal period of 365.2500 days.

Plato (427-347 BC), possibly in an effort to avoid receiving the same fate as his mentor Socrates (469-399 BC), described the moving of the stars in dialogues by Timaeus as a great mystery, where the "universal cosmic embroidery" is a "circle of the heaven," with the "earth our foster-mother, winding as she does about the axis of the universe,"--- "causing fear and anxious conjecture about the future to those unable to calculate their movement." When the "number of the years" is a closely guarded secret, the practical power of such wisdom over the unknowing masses is nearly limitless. In the ancient world, the "number of the years" was the most important cosmic and political information of any culture. It was used to successfully navigate the globe over many millennia when celestial navigation was the only means to establish position on the globe. Just as important, it provided a means to stabilize the soul of a civilization as it navigated toward the afterlife. That is why the "number of the years" was encoded into many great monuments and religious legends. Priests were covertly telling future generations of priests what to look for, and very importantly, protecting their own mortal being while they preserved the numerical key to eternal life. Overt expression of such key information represented a death warrant due to the competitive nature of world cultures. Concealment of religious truth, or sacred science as the ancients knew it, was not solely an attempt to control the human subjects within a kingdom, it was necessary to preserve kingdoms from anarchy.

When the "number of the years" became common scientific knowledge, theology floundered. It had a great bureaucracy with no great secret to protect. Nevertheless, the masses needed spiritual protection. This separation of "sacred science" from "spiritual science" was evolving during the time of Plato. He has been given credit for taking Western Civilization on that journey toward separation of state and church. The Book of Revelations is in effect a result of the schools of philosophy founded by Plato and his immediate predecessors. However, the Book of Revelation has the covert necessity to protect truth in general, i.e. cosmic truth, from the specialized truths in science which evolved from the Greek schools of philosophy. Religious philosophy has since evolved toward esoteric generalities, as scientific philosophy has evolved toward exoteric specifics. Science is relatively easy for the rational mind to grasp, because it is always presented in specific detail regarding meaningless observation. Example: The star Sirius, has a period of 365.2500 days. Theology is relatively easy for the intuitive mind to grasp, because it is always presented in holistic generalities which give everything meaning. Example: There is a Divine Plan, because all parts make up the whole, and the whole must be greater than the parts, thus the whole is proceeding according to a plan, since each part has a purpose. This philosophic divergence can be arrested and a convergence of minds can be achieved if we return to the ancient meaning of the "number of the years."

Hamlet's Mill by De Santillana and Von Dechend is the modern classic presentation of the meaning and ubiquitous use of the precession of the equinoxes by legendary cultures. SiLoam.Net, an Internet site for Adventures in Astroarchaeology, picks up where Hamlet's Mill leaves off, by showing the direct correspondences of the precession and the ancient legends. SiLoam.Net overcomes Plato's objection expressed through Timaeus, "It would be useless without a visible model to talk about the figures of the dance of these gods, their juxtapositions and the relative counter-revolutions and advances of their orbits, or to describe their conjunctions or oppositions, and how they periodically hide each other from us, disappear and then reappear ---." SiLoam.Net reveals the secret Hall of Records, and the ancient model of the dance of the gods.

The ultimate secret, which the scientists know by number, but do not know by meaning, is that the precessional year is not a fixed number of cycles of the solar year. In fact, the current "number of the years" is decreasing by eleven years every century. This variation in the "number of years" means that esoteric prognostications based upon any fixed count method will eventually yield erroneous predictions. In effect, exact science has rejected the most sacred ancient knowledge, because changes in the sacred number have produced erroneous predictions. This is the anarchy feared by the ancient priests. Had exact cosmological science been less arrogantly righteous, it would have modified the model for prediction of the movement of the equinoxes, without denying the wisdom of the sacred dance of the gods, which our founding priest-king ancestors had protected for untold thousands of years. As a result, the sacred dance was lost, along with respect for our ancestors, as fanciful superstition.

Precessional Cycle Variations
The yellow cycles in this graph demonstrate the galactic movement by using a fixed precession count of 25,800 years. The cycles represent the angle from the plane of the Milky Way to the equator (or poles) of the earth centered celestial sphere through two spins of the precessional "dance of the gods." The broken red cycles illustrate the "corrected" precessional cycle of the Milky Way relative angle using a count of 26,000 less 0.11 years for every year from the modern Julian-Christian calendar reference date. When this adjustment of eleven years per century is included in the calculation, it shows that the error increases with the year count away from the reference date of the Christian calendar (0 BC/AD). A good estimate for the current precessional rate is 25,780 years per cycle. Near the beginning of the Christian calendar, the "number of the years" was 26,000.

If we take an ancient cosmogenesis prediction which uses a fixed count, we can "estimate" when the value for the precessional rate was initiated by the culture. All cultures had a specific event which represented the beginning, or "Moment of the First Occasion." In our modern calendars, the death of Christ in 30 AD is a reference marker, but not the moment of the Alpha and Omega. We can date the death of Christ scripturally and celestially to the conjunction of the northern vernal equinox and the line of the east fish in Pisces. After the sun passed the line of the east fish in Pisces, it was not possible to honestly deny that the Age of Aries was over, and the rule of the House of David had come to an end. That was when all people became "fishers of men." The Book of Revelations gives the Christian "Moment of the First Occasion" as the Alpha-Omega, which was to come after the second resurrection in two thousand years. (Rev 20:6, 21:1-2, 21:6)

Maya Long Count Error
This chart illustrates the increase in error as seasons accumulate. The decreasing period of the precession causes the error to be more pronounced as the count of the years increases. The chart uses a 1997 date for the precessional moment of cosmogenesis, and results in an error of 17 years to get a correspondence to 2012 for the Maya Cosmogenesis alignment. Redshift 3.0 indicates that the cyclical cosmic alignment occurs in late 1998. The alignment could be miscalculated using the best data generally available today by a year or two at the maximum. Based upon three "conjunctions and juxtapositions" of the ancient cosmic model, SiLoamNet has chosen 1997 as the last year the vernal equinox was falling. The synchronizing celestial events in the model of the "dance of the gods" are listed below, together with the six total eclipses during the transition period:

              (1) the conjunction of a full moon on the summer solstice of 1997;
              (2) the celestial events surrounding the July 4, 1997 Pathfinder landing on Mars;
              (3) the occultation of Saturn on December 9, 1997.
              (a) the total solar eclipse on October 24, 1995 under the thighs of Virgo;
              (b) the total solar eclipse on March 9, 1997 in Tree of Life at the lip of the cup of Aquarius;
              (c) the total solar eclipse on February 26, 1998 at the forearm of Aquarius;
              (d) the total solar eclipse on August 11, 1999 as the moon transitions into Leo from Cancer;
              (e) the total solar eclipse on the summer solstice of 2001 as the Chariot of the Gods crests;
              (f) the total solar eclipse on December 4, 2002 at the left foot of Ophiuchus;

These three cosmic designations are described in detail within several Internet essays at SiLoam.Net. They should not be interpreted as exclusive revelations, but as events with correspondence to prognostications using the "number of the years." The total solar eclipses identify the positions of the lunar nodes, and they reinforce the "conjunctions and juxtapositions" of the ancient cosmic model. First comes a clear message of Virgin birth (a), then life giving waters in the Tree of Life (Christian piece of money, Egyptian opening of the mouth) (b), then the Salvation act at the forearm of the Good Samaritan (Maya portrayal of the cosmic ball between hand and foot of Aquarius) (c), then the transition of the sun and the moon into the Kingdom of Heaven (Leo) through the Gateway of Men (Cancer) (d), then culmination of the Chariot of the Gods and the Son of Man at the summer solstice on the boundary of Gemini and Taurus (e) and finally, the stepping up of the Father into the Upper World memorialized by many Egyptian statues (f). The summer solstice event of 1997 and all the eclipses are shown in two star charts below. Event (2) and Event (3) are described in detail at these links. 

Following the sequence in the SiLoam.Net Site Map is a good way to find the cosmic treasures of Timaeus, and witness the model which portrays the "dance of the gods." The reader should understand the simpler essays defining various cultural cosmic perspectives before tackling the more detailed and deeper essays describing the Pathfinder Mission on Mars, or the complex of ancient paradigms. When the essays are fully understood, the reader will have ventured through the barrier of cosmogenesis, and into a New Cosmic Age. Both the Christian and Mayan predictions indicate the same cosmic moment for the rising of the sun. That moment is identified by the present location of the northern vernal equinox. Thus, even if we do not understand the ancient prognostication, it has still occurred on a schedule measurable with knowledge of the "number of the years."

Before we jump to conclusions that the Mayan science was inferior, we should compare the 17 year error to the length of the prediction. The error would be essentially zero in the period 800-600 BC. We must also subtract the two missing years in our Gregorian calendar. Thus, the Mayan prediction was off by 15 years in 2810 years, for an error of 0.53%. This degree of error is not important until the final decade, for that is when the celebrations must be planned. If we wait until 2011 to prepare for the celebration of 2012, we will have missed the proper cosmic alignment by more than a decade. Life is best when it is celebrated when we have it, not after it is gone. Unfortunately, the time to prepare for the celebration has passed. Nevertheless, we still have the millennium celebration to employ as the moment the souls of our ancestors are brought back from the abyss of forgotten archetypes.

Omega-Alpha Point

We know from the great traditions that the Milky Way was the reference sphere for the spiritual world. We also know that the traditions predicted the return of the sun, after the end times have passed. This resurrection is spiritual, and must therefore be based upon a galactic reference, not a solar reference. It is the vernal equinox sun that is returning to the upper world. These statements add up to declare the Moment of the First Occasion, Sep Tepi, the Rising Sun, or the Second Coming, as the conjunction of the northern vernal equinox with the position on the ecliptic which is the farthest below the galactic plane. This is the Omega-to-Alpha moment, and is equivalent to a winter solstice when the sun stops descending and begins to ascend in the seasonal year. In the spiritual precessional year, the vernal equinox stops descending and begins ascending after it passes the bottom of the ecliptic path relative to the galaxy. SiLoam.Net demonstrates that the location where the vernal equinox stops descending is known as 1997. It starts rising in 1998. That is also the meridian of the galactic pole and the man with the scepter in his hands, under the spilling waters of Aquarius.|

Ball Game Preceeds Resurrection
In many cultures that drew the stars, we have a legend of a Good Samaritan saving a stricken man along side the celestial road, where the sun stops falling and begins to rise again. The cosmogenesis of Revelations 21:5-6 is described with the following words. And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And he said unto me, Write: for these words are true and faithful. And he said unto me, It is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely. In the Mayan ball game story of Hanahpu, he rises out of the split in the turtle's shell and stands with a pitcher of water to pour on the souls who are also coming out of the cosmic shell. Wherever this cosmic ball game was played without victory, a civilization did not survive to arrive at the place where the sun begins to rise. The bottom of this valley of death occurs late in the Age of Pisces, after the vernal equinox passes the asterism of the lines between the two fishes.

For various reasons, the Christian scriptures do not give the numerical year for the returning of the sun. Using the "long count" method, the Maya calendar system makes the numerical prediction that the end of the Fifth Sun, and the beginning of the New Sun, will occur a certain number of years after their reference year of 3114 BC. Thus, the Maya, like Daniel, had come to know the "number of the years." The Christian tenet of humility possibly prevented the early Christian scribes from making such a precise declaration, or possibly, they were aware of the variance in the "number of the years." This negotiability leaves room for broad acceptable accuracy, but it also hides and loses information regarding the numerical value of a Cosmogenesis.

Based upon several references, the Mayan Cosmogenesis will occur in 2012 AD. Since we know that the end times and the beginning times coincide with the vernal equinox passing through the bottom of its ecliptic path, we can estimate that the Maya culture established their precession rate around 800-600 BC. Either their precessional rate was inexact, the archaeologists have misinterpreted the Maya end times date, or the Maya are using additional celestial data for their ritual calendar. For our purposes, it does not matter how the inaccuracy occurred, but for the sake of this demonstration, we will assume that the Maya traditions got locked into a constant precession rate dogma shortly after its realization. This assumption reveals a remarkable observation of the Maya 2012 date. It suggests that the "number of the years" came to be known by the Mayas at approximately the same time frame it came to be known by the Hebrews and to Jeremiah. This date is at least two thousand years after Egypt had begun to document precessional meaning in the pyramids along the Nile. Examination of architectural detail at Giza and Denderah, among others, shows that the Egyptian mythology is precessional, and that they had the wisdom of the "number of the years." Pyramid dimensions in Giza demonstrate knowledge of global parameters 3000 years before Christ, and engravings at Denderah show accurate knowledge of the "number of the years" at the time of Nebuchadnezzar, 562 years before Christ. This is the date the Denderah zodiac shows as the time the cow of Egypt, Hathor, was put out to pasture; a way of saying the feminine wisdom of Egypt was conquered.



All of this monumental architecture demonstrates that time is a numerical hallucination. We do not experience time. We experience the changing alignments of cosmic entities. For further demonstration of the immaterialness of time, consider that modern satellite global positioning systems (GPS) can identify the location of a person on the earth to an accuracy of inches. Yet, the GPS satellite is 12 seconds out of synch with Universal Time, Coordinated (UTC), our modern world clock. GPS is not interested in a person's time coordinate, it is only interested in a person's global position.

And as a final proof of the subordination of time, our global UTC clock is adjusted whenever it is out of synch with the rotational position of the earth by more than 0.9 second. At midnight on December 31, 1998, the world will experience an event known as a "leap second." As you start to sing Auld Lang Syne for the last New Year of the Twentieth Century, it will be necessary to stutter during the last second, for the count will go; 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0, 0, 1, 2, 3, as you bring in the New Year. The year 1999 will have its own "second coming" one second after its first coming. But this stutter step is not a cosmogenesis, it is humanity getting back in step with the "dance of the gods." The Mayan error of fifteen years appears to have been reduced to 0.9 second by modern methods. Yet, we ignore the greater dance, for our dance is with Sol Invictus, the Invincible Sun. Our clocks do not recognize the importance of the great flood which caused our sun to come to light from the womb of the Cosmic Mother. Our Star of Bethlehem will remain a prodigal sun, until humanity returns to the cosmic consciousness which a Cosmogenesis inspires, whether Christian or Mayan.

Leap Second
This USNO bulletin shows how the New Year will come in with a stutter step.

Interestingly, all of our astronomy programs are based upon a fixed length of the year and the precession. Because of precessional variances, astronomers identify their star positions based upon epochs. Currently astronomers use the Epoch 2000 coordinates for star charts. When asterisms are created to support the celestial aspects of ancient legends, it is necessary to assure that star coordinates are referenced to the current epoch. GPS systems forget about time accuracies, because they are locked to orbital positions above the earth's surface, like lighthouses on seashores. Even the Hubble space telescope does not use time coordinates to aim at distant galaxies. The greatest space telescope ever created sets its aiming instructions by first finding reference stars and measuring aiming positions by their relationships. That is precisely how it was done in ancient global civilizations lost to history. The ancients preserved their wisdom by revealing their coordinates in mythology. Their mythology is still the most sophisticated form of communication ever developed by humans. Rationalists and skeptics deny the messages in human mythology because they do not know the "number of the years." With this knowledge, all the Cosmogenesis legends of human civilizations release their profound truths. That is the model of the "dance of the gods," which Plato was reluctant to express in no uncertain terms, for fear of arrogant and irrational reprisals. The Maya saw the rationalists and the skeptics as the Lords of Xibalba in the front rows of the spectator stands at the great ball game of life. The legends of the ancient sages tell us that truth is what we are afraid of, and that is why we seek after it. Should we cease to be afraid, the dove of truth will peacefully alight on our shoulder, with a twig from the Tree of Life.

Einstein was right. Everything is relative. We do not live in a deterministic Newtonian world with a fixed reference frame. Rationality is, therefore, the cause of skepticism. It is our frames of reference that are the most sacred information to which we have access and habitually embrace. Thus, science may call the ancient systems superstitious, but it does so with a tongue in cheek relationship in an immaterial dance with Father Time. The forked tongue in the mouth of the ancients speaks of material destiny and cosmic truth. The forked tongue in the mouth of modern relativistic science speaks of material specificity and cosmic ignorance. When a myth is created to help succeeding generations find a reference frame of prior generations, it facilitates the greatest cosmic perceptions as they pass on to succeeding generations, regardless of the tyrannical nature of skeptical participants. That is the relativity known as the human family. It is timeless, and Father Time consumes all children. We are still like the Greeks, killing our ancestral fathers without acknowledging the accomplishments of the past.



Today's scientific measure of time, as oriented to the northern vernal equinox, passed through that Great Valley of Death in the sky, on its precessional cycle of heavenly bliss and abysmal skepticism. Is it any different for us than it was for our ancestors? Did the parents of years gone by have to raise children? Did they struggle with each other to build their own empires, great and small? Answers to these questions are self evident. If they are to be found, each one of us must get our own head on straight. The first problem of the rational mind is to establish opposites, up-down, left-right, front-back, light-dark, Yang-Yin. As the infant mind begins the journey of life it must pick up its bed and walk on its own, as it leaves its mother's womb and protective embrace. It must eventually make the choice between egocentricity and cosmocentricity with balanced desire for both. After achieving properly analyzed psycho-spiritual balance, the Elysian Fields of the high heavens come into view. That eternal human quest has been memorialized ever since the first person looked toward the Milky Way and said, "Thank you," while rewriting a story in the Book of Life, which was already on that cosmic wall.

Cosmic Summer
In the two star charts presented above we see the source of the Egyptian myth of Nut and Geb. She was the flower on the tree in the heavens above, and he was the seed on the earth in the heavens below. The charts were oriented to the galactic plane with the solstitial ecliptic conjunctions to the left and right, and the zenith meridians directly on the galactic axis at the equinoxes. The equinoctial meridians identify the lower world of Hades and the upper world of Mount Olympus in Plato's beloved Greece. The Greek gods all dance around the circle of the heaven, while Zeus separates the ouroborus serpent of skeptical rationalism above the solstice of the Cosmic Spring. His father is the king, Cepheus, sitting atop the great pillar of time. All of this model of the "dance of the gods" was inherited by Greece, and we should never forget that the Most High Zeus, gained his Cosmic Father position through anarchy over his predecessors. Our modern culture looks to Greece as the source of science, because Greece inherited the anarchy which had overcome prior ancestors, without giving proper credit to the Cosmic Mother.

The charts show why the Egyptians and the Polynesians held Mother Nature in highest esteem, and why Father Time was the root and fruit of their common Tree of Life. These two great cultures lived on opposite sides of the globe, but their myths indicate that their perceptions of up and down were the same. Egypt called the land above, the Elysian Fields, and the land below, the Duat. The middle land was where the Barque of Ra sailed the celestial waters in the kingdom of Horus. Polynesians called all three lands Havaiki. Havaiki I ruga was the land above, where a man's wife held a Pandanus flower in her hand. The land below was called Havaiki I raro, where seeds from the ancestors rose from the dead, and the Moai came ashore. The Polynesian land in between was Havaiki I taputapu-atea, and it was the sacred sacred place we call reality. The Tree of Life and the Cosmic Flood were verbal expressions of the visible galaxy, known to Egypt as the Horus of Two Horizons, the Sun Disk, and the Aten, among others.

The charts are not merely fanciful sketches, for they are the result of 2500 years of scientific verification of Plato's model of the "circle of the heaven." They represent the positions of the visible stars (greater than +6 magnitude) relative to the earth when the full moon and the sun diametrically crossed the great solstitial circle of the earth in June 1997, as the vernal equinox crossed through the sacred "Moment of the First Occasion," and the autumn equinox crossed under the head of the Cosmic Mother. In the upper world, Venus was at the side of the lady walking on the beach in Gemini. Mars marked the highest place on the ecliptic behind Virgo's head, as if to say, she had succeeded in the rational self analysis of her wanderings. Pluto stood between the hand of the Cosmic Father and the place where the Great Red Dragon of unbalanced desire was split into Scorpio and Libra for eternity, drawing attention to the need to balance egocentric and cosmocentric desires. While just into the lower world, Mercury sat along side the sun above the hero, Orion, as if to acknowledge the wisdom of honorable sacrifice. Deep in the Duat, Saturn marked the place where the west line in Pisces ascends from out of the sea as the hip shot of a Maya hero twin. The other three wandering ones, Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune, guard the Gateway of Gods in the "escape goat," where the reborn Cosmic Consciousness of the First Father ascends on the wings of an eagle to the galaxy from the Land Below the Lands. That is the story  of the "dance of the gods" told by our inherited mythology. It was told by the stars when the vernal equinox stopped its descent into the Duat of the underworld, precisely as predicted. To deny this cosmic moment once it has been seen, would be tantamount to Cosmic Patricide. The chance to acknowledge what the ancestors predicted so many thousands of seasons before will not come again for another 24,350 cycles of the seasons, give or take a few years.

Look once again at the highest heavens and realize that the earth sits at a cosmic solstice, as well. But, since the vernal equinox sun is at the cosmic winter solstice, the vernal equinox earth must be at its cosmic opposition. Where we are, it is cosmic summertime, the living is easy, and the green pastures of the Elysian Fields are before us. The vernal equinox sun shines its light on we earthlings resting at the back of the head of the great Virgin, precisely where we saw Mars on the 1997 summer solstice. Could it be that she suggests we rationally analyze cosmic feelings that flood the senses? Does she say, "Take the time to smell the roses?" Has the Father done his work in separating the ouroborus of egocentricity to give an example of Balancing the Great Red Dragon of desire? Will Pride eventually lead future Children of High Heaven to dive into the Cosmic Sea? Will our Heroes lose their heads trying to save a world that is Utopia? Can the Ship of Life get beyond the Wolf that guards the Gateway of Gods? Will the Tree of Life and Jacob's Ladder stand where the Tower of Babel fell forever? The answers to these questions are not now new, nor have they ever been lost.

We need to listen to the Dove with a sprig from the Tree of Life in its mouth. Wisdom is one of the Bows we receive when we follow it. Some will be sacrificed as heroes as they lose their heads. Others will follow Perseus through the break in the clouds above the bull. The majority will ride the whale through the Duat to the Land Under the Land, where, following the example of Jonah, the Whale will place their souls on the cosmic shore in Atlantis beneath the sea. They will wait there for some Water Carrier to spill life giving waters on their memories and allow their souls to swim up the stairway of the stars with the help of the sure feet of a Goat and an Eagle's wings, once more. The message carried by the Dove and the Bows is a Thought and a Vision of the way it was, and the way it is going to be. As it is above, so it is below.

I shot an arrow.

Along the heavenly route there is a bottomless pit that must be negotiated. At the precessional end of the road in the under world stands an archer with a bow in his hands. The archer is Sagittarius, but the bow he holds appears to be pointed at himself. Is this god of wisdom a symbol of self gnosis? Look again at the angels in the underworld and find the bow and arrow by the king on top of the Tree of Life. Here is the route our ancestors wished to follow back to the cosmic kingdom from the roots of the Tree of Life. West of the king, Cepheus, is the swan, Cygnus. Compare the asterisms of the bows in Sagittarius and Cygnus, and realize why the early Christian leaders saw gnosis as heresy.

From the early Christian perspective, the gnostic cosmocentric bow aimed at egocentricity represented ignorance of the cosmogenesis bow in the clouds, and of the sign of the cross within it. To them, egocentricity was a weapon of self destruction. But, when the truth of the ancestors is given its proper place under the Tree of Life, a ladder or pillar to the upper world has a proper foundation. In the orientation of the ecliptic and galactic circles which bestows a level reference to the galaxy, a king sits east of the moment of Cosmogenesis. Beyond the pillar, a swan, which looks like a bow and arrow, flies in the direction of the "dance of the gods." It flies between a Lyra and a Fox, which are echoes from utopia, and a swan song of the future. Beyond the swan of heavenly satisfaction an eagle carries the youthful king of reincarnated rational self knowledge to the cosmic plane. This is how the ancestors reincarnate themselves into their descendants. It is no more, nor less, a fantasy, than the apparent motion of the sun around the earth on its daily dance of life. Sagittarius has an eye on the celestial earth, points his weapon through cosmic centrality toward lustful desire, but is moored in recalcitrance at the mortality of life, and the potential for error. That is why the bow of wisdom points its arrow at the archer. Until rational relativistic science can appreciate the message of the child on the eagle's wings, the Father's world cannot be seen. Fools may fall in love, but wisdom that does not sustain future generations, is just a "sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal," and hardly wise at all.

How could our ancestors have put so many stars in the proper places to tell such a magnificent story? Maybe, after all, it was a little birdie that told them so. This Little Birdie is in the great Hall of Records hidden under the paws of the Lion. With a cosmic scroll in its beak, it flies in a circle of the heaven toward wisdom by the father and the swan of satisfaction by the head of a king. We have known this Lion King for many thousands of years. Even so, we have forgotten who first carved the Great Sphinx, and when the great monument of the Kingdom of Heaven was first conceived. All we can fathom for sure, is that the Great Sphinx is a symbol of the Cosmogenesis of the Dance of the Gods. Return to the ancient model of the heavens, and visit The First Time, as it comes again. In Plato's own words, "It is a likely story." For, what you see is not necessarily what you get, but what it is, it has been for a great number of the years.


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